Universal Academy for the College Bound

"UACB offers a unique and innovative approach to learning providing each child the opportunity to excel at a high level through interactive and advanced learning techniques. Our goal is to encourage your children to be artistic, creative, intuitive and analytical thinkers."

Dr. Penny Nixon
Senior Executive Vice President/CAO
Universal Companies

Our Beliefs

  • Love the children we work with and serve as role models for our students, staff and families
  • Understand our role as “servant leaders” who empathize with urban issues
  • Maintain high academic and personal expectations with a “No Excuse Attitude” for high achievement
  • Plan based on data, review all data, revise based on data and execute based on data
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and with resolve
  • Demonstrate respect, patience and understanding for students and parents – especially those most challenged
  • Guarantee a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • Utilize the school as a key element and hub for the surrounding community to help in the transformation of neighborhoods
  • Foster strong partnerships between employees, students, families, businesses and other constituents
  • Take wise risks that benefit our scholars